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South China logistics equipment to the no.1 unveiled on Saturday


Known as the "south China the no.1 logistics equipment," said the 2009 shenzhen international logistics equipment and technology exposition (hereinafter referred to as "equipment exhibition") will this month 23 to 25, held at shenzhen convention &exhibition center, buyers purchase and order meeting and "sanxin" brand selection recommend activities will be and "equipment exhibition" on the same period.

A reporter from "equipment" exhibition organizers shenzhen logistics and supply chain management association know, the exhibition not only attracts east Asia, ITE, China, tsinghua university, China electronics technology group, shenyang aircraft industry group, north and south software many domestic and foreign logistics equipment and technical enterprise and logistics relevant institutions outside, still invited Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania, Middle East, the rest of the world DuoGe 20 countries, as well as 30 provinces and cities across the country DuoGe tens of thousands of home of logistics enterprise representatives as a professional audience to be visited and on-the-spot purchasing. In order to do ShiXiaoHua, "equipment exhibition" will also host a series of equipment suppliers and purchasers one-on-one, a pair of many purchasing negotiation activities. The show of buyers will have yantian port, China aviation, TCL, cnooc, China, sinotrans, China merchants group, satisfying and the flying horse, international, south China international industrial raw material city, shenzhen and the national DuoGe logistics park, and many of the third party logistics enterprise.

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