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Don't drop down of the logistics cost


In 2008, China's logistics enterprise with unprecedented difficulties. According to the Chinese logistics deputy said that at present the mid-ming more than forty percent of logistics enterprise profit decline, or even a loss, some small and medium-sized logistics enterprise to begin withdrawing logistics market.

According to the United Nations development programme (undp estimates, China's industrial goods circulation costs about of the product cost of 20% ~ 40%, and developed countries the proportion is 9% ~ 10%. Circulation costs are high, a direct impact on the Chinese enterprises and the country's economic benefit.

In the global economy, the logistics of big shuffle today to really revitalization, the key is to put down the cost of operation. However, to solve this problem, need to clarify the fact: but what factors in China, the logistics cost not high for a long time?

The low efficiency logistics calls

Designed for customers with advanced logistics equipment and trucks comprehensive logistics solutions company, is currently in the truck Volvo division, about 80% of customers is to do fast logistics, hazardous chemicals logistics and cold-chain logistics. Volvo truck China strategic marketing manager WangDanDong in talking about the present situation of logistics enterprises of our country, said very worried. "transfer efficiency low, creating the logistics cost is high, this is logistics enterprise in the business process is very outstanding problems."

WangDanDong think, logistics cost is high, it will directly to enterprise to create the social value of the "value". If an enterprise create considerable social value, but the production of products need to be delivered to the market through various channels, which the docking efficiency is very low, every time a transfer will increase costs. So, the cost of the product came also do not come down, make whole society value reduced.

Treasure for distribution technology Co., LTD HeHongMing general manager, said the cost of logistics enterprise now as high as 20%, including transportation costs only about 3%, the other costs are spent on supply chain link. For example, the raw material purchasing, goods loading and unloading, and storage link cost cost, far higher than the freight. Especially inventory, including warehouse construction, management, save some of the loss of the goods, the management cost are very high, causes the entire logistics cost to fall not down.

"If the enterprise can like Toyota do that zero inventory, can save most of the logistics cost." HeHongMing introduction, Toyota pickup in a cycle of methods: in the process of production of cars need what material, let logistics supplier from different parts of the raw materials suppliers to take, sent directly to auto production base. Take the benefits of the goods circulation and tell the all suppliers to return to waste empty car. At the same time, material also can promptly supply center, after inventory, the logistics cost decrease greatly, product competitive advantage also obvious ascension.

In addition, to transfer the problem of low efficiency of logistics, south China university of technology, economy and trade, vice President of the college, member of the standing committee of China's logistics learn to GuiShouPing professor considered, the local government policy of unity, local protectionism, is a serious logistics market circuitous transportation partial many, transportation cycle is long, enterprise performance low important factor. In all, the logistics enterprises in the industry competition fees, taxes, is the highest, the national as many as 13 management departments, "who all want to eat logistics, each department this fat policy not compatible with sometimes happens."

WangDanDong are of the opinion that this inefficient logistics switchboard, largely because the government is in charge of the mechanism of the cause.

Can't afford to buy advanced equipment

WangDanDong thinks, at present, China's logistics industry in equipment also is backward. "Equipment can't keep up with the needs of the development of modern logistics, the 1970 s equipment, don not solve the 21 st century logistics requirements. For instance in cold storage, countries are now even a large cold storage also have no."

To this, the stone logistics deputy general manager WangJiLei and sales director LiXiaoTong expressed that, now of the logistics equipment, whether in practical or durability, all is difficult to meet the actual demand of logistics and transport.

"Simply, if the truck is installed inside the suitable skateboarding, can reduce a lot of manpower and time cost, to speed up the loading and unloading goods circulation. But, now a lot of trucks are not installed board, enterprise, needs to be modified by hands over the tube department promotes examination and approval, but also to spend time, this adds a cost." LiXiaoTong said vehicle quality doesn't pass, led directly to the logistics efficiency is low, the cost is high. "The previous car tires can walk 780 thousand kilometers, go now less than fifty thousand kilometers is bad. In addition, oil price spikes in the price also follow up, rubber, change a tire of the cost is too high."

Beijing stone logistics company has more than 160 vehicles freight trucks, talked about the logistics equipment, let WangJiLei quite a dilemma, although the enterprise show all hope to buy more advanced equipment, but the acquisition cost is high. Even of the existing equipment, the maintenance of the vehicle maintenance is also a large spending, accounting for about 10% of the cost of enterprise. "Like a Volvo truck, we all know is very good, but the whole cost is too high, we can't afford."

WangJiLei expressed hope that the government in the vehicle and transportation management have related policies, and the vehicle passes through the management of distribution and time can relax restrictions. He also stressed that the relevant departments should seize the logistics equipment to the quality of ascension. "As long as the vehicle quality and load also can adjust, can reduce the overload phenomenon."

WangDanDong also called on the government should encourage enterprise upgrading hardware through for equipment suppliers to provide policy incentives and other method, which has power enterprise and have the ability to quickly upgrade logistics equipment.

Various kinds of taxes

High taxes, is the leading cause of the high cost of logistics one important reason. WangDanDong said: "the logistics industry profit margin was not high, plus the business tax, the toll fee, etc, and all kinds of various kinds of charge, the pressure to enterprise no capital to input."

To this, WangJiLei feel very deep. He told reporters: "now, vehicles in the whole cost of fine accounted for 1% of the proportion, overloaded vehicles, is" to have to. On the one hand, the helpless 'too heavy vehicles very fee oil; on the other hand, vehicles also can increase the loss, direct detract from the life of the equipment. Gas and maintenance cost is such vehicles go up, but not to do so, the enterprise is no profit."

At present, most of the provinces have a charge for weight. The past is given priority to, sometimes with a fine to get from, but for weight to escape the charge was past, this cost more than overweight fines.

In our logistics industry, high taxes and not a single phenomenon. Transformation is nuclear power project logistics business cosco logistics company, also have the same confused. Cosco logistics related department officials say, the warehousing taxes overweight problems of cosco confused, although let cosco logistics at present already basic don't do big team logistics distribution, in the distribution of goods in a car on a fine chance is not high, but in the costs of storage is much too high.

Cosco logistics general manager Mr. Ye xiaolong said to the media, said the logistics industry is 5%, the highest taxes about such as the business tax to the other ratio. Because of China's land prices, logistics enterprise to use a piece of land cover warehouse, a high price plus the tax, the storage enterprise in general situation. Losses

Stone logistics at present in Beijing has more than 20000 square meters of warehouse, the warehouse is the lease. WangJiLei warehouse management fees, said is stable, but with the land price rise, the rent also have the pressure of the rising. According to him, said in 2003, stone logistics had planned in the headquarters in Beijing, GuanZhuang area to build warehouse, but take for examination and approval procedures difficult, plans to eventually abortion.

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