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Nanjing logistics industry scale to break through the bottleneck


Enterprise scale slant generally small market cake couldn't digest

Nowadays, industry update quickly, and freight developed, "logistics" 2 words no longer let people strange, by the mass in the process of nanjing city, known as logistics industry in a series of "success", the achievements of at the same time, some grip factors, the logistics enterprises have gradually revealed as small scale and cost a higher factors, let the steady development of nanjing logistics industry encountered bottleneck.

Industry status

The cake is too big couldn't digest

From nanjing logistics market demand for, oil and chemicals, auto manufacturing, electronics industry in jiangsu province and even the whole country in the front row. Three big industry gross industrial output value in nanjing proportion of more than 53.1%. The three big industry and have a very involved in the industry and pull effect, a lot of the purchase of raw material and finished goods output will produce a great logistics needs. Large market, shopping center, supermarket chain, convenience stores, warehouse stores, etc. The rise of new retail formats, such as wal-mart, metro, carrefour and other international retail carriers have landed in nanjing, suguo, su ning, five star appliances, and other famous chain enterprise and achieving the rapid expansion of the scale operation.

These factors explain nanjing logistics market cake is very big. According to relevant experts, 2005 years after nanjing logistics elasticity coefficient 2.93 level, its economic meaning is: the logistics capability every 1% growth, nanjing GPD will increase by 2.93%. Nanjing urban construction project management development Co., LTD, deputy general manager of fame after that, this aspect elucidation nanjing logistics development of economic growth have obvious econonmy, on the other hand reflects the nanjing city logistics supply logistics demand less, relative to the economy to requirement of logistics for, nanjing logistics industry is "bottleneck industry", logistics itself supply limits the nanjing economic development, lead to the effective demand decline.

Nanjing census bureau figures also proved this point, 2008 nanjing social logistics of RMB 1.124526 trillion yuan, up by 11.1% over the previous year; The logistics industry sector was 26.418 billion yuan, up by 11.4% over the previous year; Social logistics total cost is 60.818 billion yuan, up by 11.3% over the previous year. Compared with domestic developed city, the added value of nanjing logistics at 7% of GDP, and Shanghai is 13.1%, 11.1%, shenzhen, wuhan for 9.41%; Development speed below the national average growth rate of 16%.

Development bottleneck

Four 5 is small businesses

"Nanjing logistics enterprise is smaller scale, many enterprises and even less than 50 people, this is the current logistics supply of the obvious a problem." Special to do the fame after visiting survey, found that, in 2008, nanjing 1375 house transportation storage enterprise, the postal service employees of more than 50 people only 213 home, from personnel of 10 or more as many as 775, occupy 56.4% of total units. Assets of over 10 million 286 home, only one 5. "Visible, nanjing logistics enterprise general organization is small in scale, technological equipment and management method is relatively backward, only in the simple transport and storage service, and in circulation processing, logistics, information service, inventory management, logistics cost control and other logistics value-added services also unable to carry out."

In addition, compared with domestic, nanjing logistics finished product significantly higher. According to finish fame introduction, in developed countries, such as the United States, Japan, Germany logistics total cost of GDP in basic above 10%, domestic better cities, such as Shanghai, shenzhen is 15.3% to 12%, and the number of nanjing but for 16.1%.

Also the fact that nanjing logistics information degree is low, the lack of information support for development of logistics industry. According to introducing, logistics information is concerned, there are two aspects of the information, one is the public affairs, the enterprise can be information from logistics market know logistics public infrastructure information, logistics market demand information, logistics business operation resources information, etc. 2 it is logistics enterprise internal information, such as logistics enterprise internal through the information management software and technology to achieve order processing, inventory management, the information such as the track. Nanjing in 2003 in WangGuWan logistics center set up its first logistics information exchange center, cargo logistics center and the customs supervision points. But because the smaller the freight transportation business barriers to entry exist, service object, the actual effect, anyway. "Because of this, nanjing logistics every link of information collection, exchange and processing cost greatly increase." Picasso, nanjing currently lack of fame think a comprehensive, information sharing, service object extensive logistics information platform.

Experts suggest

Equipment leasing boost development

In short, developing modern logistics industry of slow the important reason why high thresholds, high value of logistics equipment more than most of the logistics enterprise bear ability, forcing logistics enterprise become simple freight company, supply capacity of the limit in turn makes logistics market, slack demand of the company's high-end logistics equipment idle. Nanjing modern logistics out of this bottleneck is the only way to promote the development of logistics lease. Developed countries such as the United States, logistics enterprise more than 60% of the equipment are on the lease, the national output value, about half the leasing from the logistics industry. "So, finish fame suggest nanjing municipal government accelerating the construction of the industry, the first to make logistics in the leasing industry into the threshold, standards and credit rating and related policies; secondly first pilot, but through open tender offer some form of, in the early period of the start-up costs, select one or more of the home has the advantages of investment, and enterprise independent construction is to boost logistics rental information network construction in electronic platform, posted on the relevant information, makes the enterprise can in time control information to reflect price fluctuation industry, service level.

According to the nanjing logistics information with low levels of status, because of logistics enterprise the information related to the goods such as GPS, tracking system of modern information technology, and the extension and application of information processing software cost, short term can't one pace reachs the designated position, finish fame suggest the government to encourage public logistics information platform construction, through information platform of information sharing improve logistics operation efficiency and pushing logistics enterprise of each section of informatization. Specifically, the key project of nanjing logistics, WangGuWan logistics center by the state development and reform commission "enterprise informatization special"--modern logistics information projects, longtan port bonded with the import, export tax refund, simple processing, foreign exchange management, and other one-stop service functions. "If the scattered logistics base in the construction of information on the basis of further integration of resources, the integration of a regional logistics information service network, and realize the logistics process visual management, logistics and supply chain management, public service with DuoZhong function such as logistics business, will greatly improve the efficiency of the logistics operations, reduce logistics cost.

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