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According to the PLC in the high speed development of logistics equipment market


PLC the potential of the market is huge, not only in our country, even if in the industrial development of the Japanese also research has suggested that, PLC supporting electromechanical integration of the proportion of the product 42%, use relay, contact device control there is 24%. So, need to PLC occasion also many, in our country is even more so.

The IMS a research report predicts 2011, China's overall programmable controller in the market, face the machine manufacturer part of the total sales will be up to us $1.026 billion, and the annual rate of growth reached 16.2%. Compound Among them, the application for logistics equipment market is growing more rapidly, the growth rate of 21.9%.

According to the author of the report JackeyWang introduces, at present, face the logistics equipment PLC to the amount of market than textile machinery, packaging and printing machinery and other market many, in 2006 China small market for the amount of $19.8 million, or about PLC in the machine manufacturer application 4.1% of the total market, but in recent years due to similar crane, electronic hoist, transmission machinery and other logistics equipment the development of the market very quickly, and that this trend will continue, this promotes the PLC in logistics equipment market growth.

PLC application fields are the broad, and many fields, such as used to develop presses for customs transit vehicles the authentication (shenzhen yantian), automatic sell medicine small (some Chinese medicine shop) for example in our country. In addition, the winter in discrete event systems, such as road network traffic flow (vehicle counting, passenger count and retention time measurement), soft line manufacturing systems (agile manufacturing system) and all the standard service system, with all can be used PLC, and modeling and countermeasure and optimization.

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