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Things into logistics industry upgrading will push


"From shenzhen to the largest largest again to Asia's biggest, from association to the city government, to the national transportation department of transportation and municipal government, we're witnessing jointly organized the content of the expo growth." TNT China gm sighed, and a lot of the exhibitors, they have the same for several th participate in China (shenzhen) international logistics and transportation exposition (hereinafter referred to as "the thing exposition").

Recently, the reporter from content expo organizing committee, the committee is that with the exhibitors to discuss cooperation details. The organizing committee will hope that things can not only improve logistics enterprise brand, still can make more professional buyers understand China's logistics industry development, and pull the industry's ascension.

Thrusting industrial upgrading

"The fair thing, except land transport of goods, set up modern logistics, waterway transportation service and eight area outside, still have created the reform and opening up 30 years' traffic transportation technology portfolio '." The organizing committee officials say: "we put the exhibitors and visitor the interests of those who are in our hearts, hope to further refinement to logistics and transportation services, each node of the expo, expressed in further specialized to push things expo in industrial exchange and cooperation more actual effect."

Earlier, content exposition has successfully held four sessions, to the enterprise to bring the actual benefit. "With this platform, to better show enterprise, seek the development." The last thing expo, those who state and French Lange's western region-and the international economic development council signed a lot of cooperation agreement for this year, things expo, those who bond says must be won't absent, and the scale will also expand.

City logistics and supply chain management association secretary-general ZhengYanLing expressed, all to the thing of the expo exhibitors have given high effectiveness evaluation, this also is content to attract many industry giant expo exhibitors are one of the important reasons.

It is reported, a prior estimate of 2010 things expo 40000 square meters stand area already cannot satisfy the needs. "The situation is hot, booth be scooped from early in order. There are also 3 months, stand out, but has been scheduled still increasing number of exhibitors, therefore, the organizing committee and will increase the exhibition area of 10000 square meters, with a total exhibition area of 50000 square meters." The organizing committee controller tells a reporter, up to now, the fair thing has been a total exhibition area of all previous most.

According to his introduction, TNT, Hamburg's seaport, France pavilion, Belgium, Italy pavilion international logistics giant edition pavilion, etc, and to Australia, the Netherlands, the United States and other countries will also group exhibition. Domestic, taicang port, suzhou industrial park and such large port, industrial park and logistics park in succession, China merchants group, south China city, the container, cosco, construction bank and shenzhen development bank also plans last year stand.

The professional audience an unprecedented scale

The reporter understands, in order to improve the content of the expo influence and effectiveness, the fair organizing committee has set up a file in the Berlin things, Hanover, Munich, Paris, Moscow, Chicago, and Cleveland, Argentina, Tokyo, dubai, Barcelona, 30 DuoGe major cities global conducted promotion activities.

In the outside at the same time to introduce, the committee also through the "shenzhen huaxia logistics line" make things of the expo promote footprint spread all over the country, to the provinces and cities and administrative area, the national 2500 DuoGe all transportation departments of county invitation. Currently, there are dozens of transportation departments at the county level units to determine their finest clothes.

"We have to large manufacturing, global merchandise trade, logistics transport sectors of the well-known enterprises than 200000 issued a procurement and visit the invitation, when purchasing enterprise is expected to more than 20000 home, will make things into the big procurement fair platform." The organizing committee officials say during the exhibition, will hold the manufacturing enterprise, business trade circulation enterprises, the third party logistics enterprise and logistics equipment purchase and order meeting, enterprise buyers for global logistics equipment and technology to provide face-to-face purchasing platform. Conservative estimate, at least, there will be more than 30 billion yuan the order is confirmed.

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